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So I went how long without giving into teptation? about 4 weeks i think. yeah i got a lot of abusive mail on friday night...

Type your cut contents here. The first one came straight after i had told him i was sick if him calling my friends names and i couldnt be bothered talking to him anymore so i was blocking and deleting him... 

''queer life then you bi-sexual piece of filth,
And rot in hell Emaline.''

Well that didnt come as a shock to me cos he'd always said stuff like thats cos i am bi.. i replied having a go at him for saying that cos i wasnt gonna stand for it anymore n he came bk with this....

''Theres no point you replying to any of these because I have blocked you from both msn and e.mail now aswell so you are a total tosser and got your knickers in a twist you queer bitch.
R O T    I N    H E L L       E M A L I N E''

then i replied saying fine block me its not as if i care.
he once started a convo about adoption and wot he thought about it and asked my opinion n i told him well i was all for adoption cos its wot i wld be doing when i wanted kids cos i might not be able 2 have a child n he used that against me sort of here is the last email he sent me...

''As we spoke about when 2 queers look after a child, well you would be a bad advice completely for a child to be with as it will be learning the wrong sort of stuff from you which is fowl language,  which a person who is normal would not want a child to learn and become like,  If that ever does happen I will pitty the child and feel sorry for it having to live with a waste of space and rude crap like you and another queer if there would be one, Plus as you would adopt one as saying, it will be like buying a packet of crisps off the shelf in the shop meaning its not totally yours from the start, you are just bad advice and hopefully you might drink yourself to death before any young one has to put up with abusive scum round them like you. You are rotten to the core and your attitude & behaviour stinks,
You are just a fucking wanker yourself who all mainly in their life has no conscience as you don't feel bad about alot of the things done.
You don't deserve to be responsible for children as you will just be a bad example to them teaching them all the wrong things in life and you will be a waste of space.
I've got a life, in some ways people might say I have more of a normal life than you, as you are bi-sexual queer and thos people have a different life so you can't talk telling me to have a life when yours will be out of the ordinary and mixed in with other things which people might not think are not normal, as there are alot more people who are straight in the world than who are Bi-Sexual like you so counting it by number what I've got in life people would probably call more normal and you not so I have got a life, yours is the one which is rocky and mixed in with different signals in a total shame, ''

so yeah all three emails upset me a lot but i promised i wouldnt let it get to me. the subject to all three was ''piece of scum'' 

i didnt keep my pormise not 2 let it get 2 me tho. i opened a bottle of wine and had that. then opened another one and took that 2 my room. made sure no one cld get in and raided my room for sumthing sharp. i finally found a pair of scirssors. really sharp one. [those small ones] my new ones id 4gotten about and i cut myself until i beld a hell of a lot. i cant even go one month without doing it anymore. i actually thought things were getting better. oh well i was wrong.
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