Jenna (emoxxxedger) wrote in xrazorxkissesx,

hello and i am new

well hello and i am pleased to see this community for females who struggle with the same thing i do. i am 19 and i fear that i am the oldest in the community, from what i have seen, which just may be true and good. i have been cutting for a year too long, on and off.... i promise myself i wont do it... and then i break. i am a psych major in hopes of understanding myself and my peers and how we choose to handle things... i want to be an Art Therapist and work in a more hospital like setting, and work with kids who expierence SI, suicide, sexual moslestation, and other life changing things. i want to work with teens with bandaged wrists.

i would love to talk to all of you. and if you ever need somone to talk to feel free to IM me

AIM - x dirty x hair x
im always around
and i will offer as much help as i can.

i hope i am welcomed. and i hope i can help, and you can help me. thank you.
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